Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18, 2013

Today we woke up and had breakfast which consisted of bread with cheese and sausage, yogurt, fresh squeezed orange with watermelon juice, and fresh fruit. We then took a brisk walk down the Mediterranean boardwalk while taking in all the scenery as our beautiful walk came to an abrupt end at the rustic boat yard by the sea. We all sat on a part of American history as the "Master" Alfonso told us, the weathered Live Oak or Quercus Virginiana, as its Latin name suggests. These trees were alive and witnessed the American revolution because they came from either St. Augustine or Galveston, Texas.We then strolled into the boat yard where we began our life long journey in boat carpentry. We then spent the morning constructing a half-model by which we will build our own canoe. After finishing the half-model we took another tour of the yard and asked questions about the tuna boat that is in the yard waiting for restoration. We then ate lunch at the mini mart where they cut up fresh vegetables and  cut up freshly roasted chicken and placed it gently on a steamy baguette. We then walked down town where we went sight seeing. After a refreshing walk up the picturesque mountainside we conquered a Muslim fort built in the 1000's we took pictures of a bull fighting ring from the top of the mountain. We then descended down the mountain where we stopped by Alcazaba which was an extension to the previously mentioned fort. We took pictures of the Fort and of the beautiful flowers that lined the pathways. We then saw the Roman amphitheater which was constructed in the 1st century which was tucked away right under the fort. After we got our history fix we took a nice stroll down the boardwalk where there were a number of beautiful natural sites to drool over.

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