Friday, June 21, 2013

June 21, 2013

We woke up at our normal time and enjoyed our normal breakfast routine. In the boatyard, we finished making the notches and grooves on mold frames in our kayak .  Alfonso then took us to get wood for the planks. The place where we bought this wood was a huge wood depot. Alfonso is a new father to a beautiful baby girl. He is building a crib out of wood that is actually a row boat that a child up to four years old can use and when we got back to the boatyard we helped put some planks on it. This was such an honor and a unique experience that let us show our appreciation for everything he is doing for us. On our way back from work, we stopped and got some ice cream. It was so delicious and a nice treat after a long but rewarding day at work. Tonight we met with Dr. Malek at a tapas bar. We haven't done a lot with Dr, Malek so it was nice to spend some time with him in a social environment. Dr. Febles should be coming in a few days and we're getting very excited for the celebration of San Juan on the beach this Sunday!

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