Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 22, 2013

We decided to finally start the day after sleeping in till 10:30 am. We had a brunch at the hostel and decided to push through lunch time without eating. We walked to the tobacco store where we bought a bus pass that gives each of us 5 trips on the bus. We used one trip to go to downtown Malaga where we walked around the shops and took in the Spanish architecture. We stumbled upon an artist who made three landscape paintings in three minutes and charged ten euro’s for the three. We called him the Bird Man because that was his signature in every painting. Brian and I bought the paintings for gifts. We stopped by the bar and had a Cruz Compo Reserve beer to get off our feet for a couple minutes. After that we saw the Cathedral and the Plaza de la Merces.  We decided to walk back instead of using bus pass because it was early and we had nothing better to do. The weather was hotter than it had been so we worked hard getting back. The seas where calm and didn’t offer us any refreshing sea breeze. On the way back we made reservations for the top floor of the tapas bar. We had dinner, which consisted of many delicious dishes. We had a couple of drinks with dinner, and called it a night.
Kevin Deady
Dino Delkic
Jake Fagan
Brian Dunbar

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