Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25, 2013

We woke up bright and early and had our typical breakfast of bread,  cheese, meat and fruit. We then went down to the yard at our usual time and got right to work. We did some routing today on some planks for the Phoenician vessel. We got to use the router portion of the planer today which made a huge difference in terms of speed. We cut the tendon joints on a whole plank in about 5 to 10 minutes. We then took the plank and set the curve by clamping it to the side of the vessel. In the meantime Dr. Malek showed up to see how the projects were going along and how we were holding up to life in Spain. Brian and Kevin were then set off to go wet the plank in the ocean so that it would be more playable. Jake and Dino stayed back with Dr. Malek and Alfonso and made cordage. The piece that we made was then given to Dr. Malek as a gift from Alfonso to signify the bond between the UNF and Astilleros Nereo. Dr. Malek then got ready to go back to Jacksonville and said his goodbyes. We continued to work in the yard by laying out the templates for the Gavelztown. First we had find the outline of the vessel on the floor and then lay down large pieces of the frames to try to dry fit everything. It still needs to be sealed before we can put the frame together. We then left the boat yard shortly after this was completed and went to the hostel because Paki and Carlos treated us to homemade paella for lunch. We then ate our massive lunch which was perfect and had a siesta. After waking up we all sat around and then went for a walk up the hills by the hostel and went to a grocery store called Aldi. We got back and had a lite dinner which was just sandwiches and then we called it a night.  

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