Thursday, June 27, 2013

June 27, 2013

Today started like any other normal day. We got ready and ate well in the morning then took our scenic route to the Astilleros. We continued working on more olive wood tree nails for the Phoenician replica. Then we switched to the kayak build and managed to cut out the first planks for either side of the keel. In English we call the first run of planking ‘‘the garboard strake” and in Spanish they call it “aparaura”. Then, like a wonderful surprise, Febles and his wife Pat showed up at the boat yard! We were very excited for their arrival since Malek had recently left us, and we took them on a mini-tour of what we have been working on and even showed them the hostel. They are also very excited to be in Malaga because it is their first time being here as well. Then for lunch we came back home and made sandwiches and made plans to cook dinner for Paqui and Carlos, just to show our appreciation. Also we bought tickets online to go and see the Alhambra on Saturday before it was too late. So, we went to the local Supersol and gathered all the ingredients necessary and, it was success! We cut up some chicken adobo and made “shishkababs” on the grill with salad and bread. Ok, Paqui did help us on the salad but only because she is a pro at making berry jelly vinaigrette. After cleaning up the dishes we called it a night and soon hit the hay as they say.
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