Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 29, 2013

We got up a little later than usual being our day off. We went down stairs to a nice filling typical breakfast and talked about what we were doing today. We were going Granada and specifically the Alhambra. After our hour and forty five minute ride there we got out and realized that we were 2 hours early for our ticket time. So being that the food in Spain is so great we decided to have a bit of lunch. Kevin, Jake and Brian had pork chops with salad and fries and Dino had stewed ox tail with green beans and fries. We then waited around a little more and went in to the absolutely beautiful and also very large compound. We walked through the Nasrid Palaces and stopped by the museum on the inside where they had a lot of artifacts from the 16th century. After that we all walked over to the Alcazaba  and walked through it and got a great view from the top of the watch tower. We then went down to the Partal Palace and saw the fish ponds and some smaller gardens. After we went to our last stop which was the the Generalife area which was almost all gardens and water features. After which we started our trip back to Mรกlaga. We then kicked up our feet and Kevin and Dino went down to the beach to swim for a little bit while Brian and Jake talked to family and rested. We had dinner at about 10pm at a Italian pizza place on the boardwalk called Il Forno. Went then came back and went to get some shut eye after pur long day.

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