Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2, 2013

Today in the boatyard, we worked on the Phoenician boat, making nails and cutting wood to form the planks. Dr. Jeff Coker, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies at UNF came today. He is a very nice man and we're all excited that he is here with us in Malaga! We also met Francisco who is another one of the siblings from the boatyard. He seems like a good guy too and he even speaks pretty good English. We had lunch with Paqui and Carlos after work. They made macarrones con queso which is essentially homemade mac and cheese. Afterwards, we took out Alfonso's McDonald's boat (we call it that because the boat was in a McDonald's commercial). It was so much fun. Alfonso has told us that we really haven't been to Malaga until we see it from the water. So now we have officially been to Malaga. Later, we met up with Jeff Coker and went to the terrace of a nice hotel and saw a beautiful view of the city. The views, the drinks and the company were awesome. Today was very fun.

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