Friday, July 5, 2013

July 5,2014

Today we got up later than usual, still happy from the barbeque the night before, and met Alfonso at the Astilleros to get to work. We only worked on the Phoenician replica today. This is because it was our last day and putting a row of planking on the Phoenician was the closest we had come to actually finishing anything, so we gave it our all. We got all the pieces cut, but didn't quite finish adjusting them. Nevertheless, today was a well spent last day of work, very meaningful, and we still managed to have a ton of fun in the process like always. Also important was that the tee-shirts came in today!!! Alfonso ordered us each a shirt that has the logo of the shipyard on it. How cool! Thanks Alfonso! Then later, Dino and Kevin were busy packing for their departure tomorrow, but they did take a break to go out and dine one last time. It was so funny because the entire three weeks we have been here we have enjoyed every restaurant we've been to, but on our last night this one restaurant, no names, completely messed up our order and we just had to leave! How funny no? So then we concluded our last night in Malaga. What a wonderful time we have had, and now Dino is heading to Germany tomorrow, and Kevin back to the states, where his family and a Caribbean cruise await him! Safe travels boys!

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