Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 6, 2013

Today was a somber day because Jake and I had to see the boys off. Dino woke us up in the morning and we said our goodbyes. He had to be at the airport at 8a.m. Then we went back to sleep and then Kevin woke us up around 10a.m. We ate breakfast together one last time and then parted ways. We had wished them both safe travels to their next destinations. And then there were two. On the brighter side of things, Jake and I carpe diemed the day and took the rental bikes from the hostel to the port in the city center. There we were able to not only see but actually board for free the "Nao Victoria". This ship was an exact (beautiful) wooden replica of the first vessel to successfully circumnavigate the globe. WOW. It was awesome too because we got our own personal tour and we went places that are cut off to the public. Even more interesting is the fact that the avenue where our hostel is located, Av Juan Sebastian Elcano, is named after the captain of La Victoria. He set out with Magellan, along with a crew of about 200 or so sailors and five ships, and was among the very few who returned with a ship full of spices to the Spanish crown. Then, we took a trip that may very well be considered the highlight of the entire trip, only because what we saw was so unreal...Jake, Dr. Coker and I went back to Macharaviaya, the town where Bernardo De Galvez was born, and we saw the amazing way they celebrate our 4th of July. It happened to be on the 6th only because it was the first Saturday after. However, it was just absolutely unbelievable to witness such pride and enthusiasm from the ENTIRE village and to be part of the celebration. We saw a reenactment of the battle of Pensacola when the Spanish expelled the British from West Florida, followed by traditional dances from Andalusia and delicious home-made food. Then to put the cherry on top, they even had a fire works show that served as a wonderful reminder of home. We definitely felt the spirit of our revolution alive in these people from this little village, and it was more than incredible to witness. It's just a shame that Kevin and Dino had to leave earlier and couldn't make it. What an unforgettable day and night!

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